Good Things To Come

"Some blessings come soon, some come late and some don't come until Heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ- They come. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come." Jeffery R. Holland

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Sunbeam!

I have a Sunbeam... A Sunbeam!! In my house. Alyson turned 3 in November and with the New Year that meant she graduated from Nursery and into the 3 year old class at church- the Sunbeam Class.

I can't believe she is that old..... So I am in Primary and I did not know how it would go. Would she be mad that I was there, would she be clingy, would she be be fine- no clue. We had talked about it for several weeks and I now that she doesn't like change very much right now, so I figured it would not go as well as her going to Nursery did.

And I was right....

She had a really hard time in the Primary part, once she was in class I was told she was fine. But she didn't like her teacher, only because she doesn't know her, she bullied the little boys in her class and made them cry- because she is mean like that and they are sissy little boys who cry easily, she tried to hide behind the piano, and during singing time told everyone to "just be quiet you can't sing" I know... Who's raising this kid anyway? Some people!

She did manage to look beautiful while she was terrorizing the place though. See picture above.

I had to take her out and talk to her, explain that she would not be "one of those" kids and threaten to beat her once or twice- you know, like any good mother does.....

It's getting better. Last Sunday- 1-15-2011 she gave the opening prayer in primary. I'm in charge of assigning talks and prayers, and I didn't plan on her doing anything for a long time, but my kid that I had assigned didn't show, and she wanted really badly to say the prayer. So I let her. I helped her and she did really well. I won't lie, I cried a little- I couldn't believe my baby was saying the prayer in primary. Her dad sat in the very back of the room and gave her a thumbs up when she was done and she could...not... have... been.. more thrilled with herself.

Until she told me 10 minutes later that she didn't feel good and her tummy hurt. Cue mad dash to get her home before she threw up. But before sickness stuck out of no where, she gave an awesome prayer.

She's my best girl.

Christmas Day 2011

My pictures never seem to load in the order that I want them too.... So they are out of order. oh well. I haven't had a lot of free time since little miss decided that she didn't need naps. I know she tried their earilier in the year, but I managed to convience her that they were still needed, but not so much this time. I think I'm okay with it, and she will tell me when she needs quiet time and will put herself down. Anyway, this is why it took me so long to get the Christmas pictures up. So here goes:

Christmas at Home in 2011. We weren't able to go to Texas or St. George to be with grandparents and cousins, but they still sent plenty to stock the tree!

Ally was so happy to have new toys to explore. I sent them up in different places around the house and she would just run from station to station, playing with everything. She got a playdoh factory kit from Mamaw, her great grandmother, and she loved it.

Opening her stocking. An m&ms candy cane- her fav. Her stocking was filled with crayons, markers, paints, chalk and dry eraser crayons for her new easel.

She got new wooden puzzles to put together, very bright and colorful.

She got a big doodle pad from cousins.

She got a "band in a box" from Memaw, my mom, she likes to put on shows and dance and sing. We ended up using the band in a box to ring in the New Years- I didn't have pictures of that though.

Alyson checking out the new toys from Santa. She got a 2 sided easel, new pink boots, candy land, chutes and ladders, a new floor puzzle and a baby doll that came with its own doctor kit. The baby doll seemed to be her favorite that day. She played with it every single time we went to the store and she personally asked Santa for a "baby doctor toy" her words. Glad she was able to get it.

Christmas All set up and ready for the little girl to wake up. She got a giant dog from her grandma that we put by her stocking.

Our white Christmas came early and stayed late

Alyson in her Christmas dress from her Great Aunt Shelia. Right before I took the picture she said " mom, I look good like this"

Opening presents.

Friday, December 23, 2011

December Fun-Christmas Preperations

This has been the most fun of all the Christmas seasons so far with Ally. She is really starting to get into it. She helped to decorate the tree and is learning Christmas songs. When you ask her about Christmas she says "it's about baby Jesus and I love it so much" I put out the none breakable nativity set and Ally has been playing with it all month. On this particular day she added someone to the mix. When I asked her what Hello Kitty was doing she replied "she came to see baby Jesus"

My Aunt Sheila sends us these fun wooden cut outs for Alyson to color. She gets so excited when she sees them. This one was a Christmas Elf. We use it as out center piece on the table.

It snowed a lot this month, melted away quickly, but snowed none the less. Which meant spending a lot of time inside. We made Christmas cookies for our friends- Ally wanted to bake, I wanted to not eat them- so we baked for other people.

How cute is she? This is her Christmas dress. I love love love the color. She had a dress this color last year and I loved it. This is her super model pose. She didn't want to wait till Christmas, so we wore it early and will wear it often. Love it. She really is a pretty little girl.

Since we set up the tree she keeps putting her toys by it and running up to it all surprised and saying "oh I got a ____ for Christmas" filling in the blank with whatever toy she put there at the time. So funny. Her favorite was to put her bike by the tree. She also had to hang out by the tree. Here she is with her baby by the Christmas tree.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to Alyson

Alyson is 3 years old today. Time sure is flying. She is turning into such a big girl.

Things about Alyson:

She loves the colors brown and pink.
She loves to ride her bike.
She ask "why, mom why?" long....
She likes to point out the letters in her name. "there's an o, like my name. there's an s. look mom an a" and so on. And she does this everywhere. A trip to the grocery store is very long.
She gets kicked out of story time for beating up the boys......a-lot.
She knows tons of words- just doesn't speak them clearly. We are working on that. I still think she specks Chinese on the side. She speaks in sentences, but again, not 100% clearly. It worries me sometimes, but she's smart enough to be sassy, so maybe she'll be all right.
She is a sweet girl and still loves her daddy. She's also started calling me mawddy- a combination of momdaddy. Apparently I can't even be called mom's got to be momdaddy.
We are working on being potty trained. She's still not too into it. I told her she needed to learn to use the potty like all her big cousins and so she can go to preschool. to which she replied "memaw can teach me preschool. her change my diaper."
She loves to jump and whenever she is excited she jumps up and down and says "oh yes, let's do that!"
She still takes an afternoon nap and that makes me happy.
She loves to bake - chocolate chip cookies are her favorites.
She can be so grown up about things, but then seem so little too. She is very stubborn and likes her way.
She reminds us to read scriptures every night and always wants "a big kiss, a big hug and a big good night"

And we love her!

When Ally woke up, we sang "happy birthday" to her in bed and then brought her to the table for breakfast. For a special birthday treat, I made her cinnamon rolls. Daddy went into work late so he could have a birthday breakfast with Ally.

We invited a few friends over to eat birthday cake with us. Ally greeted them at the door with " did you come for my birthday party? You are so cute"
Running around chasing balloons and having a good time.

Ally wanted "memaw's happy birthday cake" so I got the recipe from my mom, figured out how to change it so it would come out right with the altitude change and thankfully the cake did fine and didn't fall. We decorated with candy flowers, because Ally found them at the store and said "oh mom, these are just so cute" (everything is so cute- these days)

We went to the store for her to pick out birthday balloons. She chose pink of course. The light pink said "happy 3rd birthday" and the hot pink just said "happy birthday" She came home and wanted them tied to the computer chair- or as she claimed it for the day and called it her birthday chair.

On birthdays, the tradition is to call and give a birthday wish, Ally got lots of phone calls. She would run to her self proclaimed "birthday chair" and talk to them on the phone in her birthday chair. When the caller would tell her "happy birthday", she would say " happy birthday to you too" It was funny.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I saw a cute costume in a magazine and showed it to Ally and we decided that we um... she would be a butterfly. So I made her a butterfly costume. It turned out wonderfully, if I do so brag about myself.

She's really into pink right now, so the butterfly was requested to be pink so- pink it was!
My Aunt Shelia and Uncle Joe know that I like make the costume, so they surprised me with a halloween gift that I used to buy everything I needed for the costume.

I left her wear the costume all day- riding her bike, the store, everywhere. She was so cute.

Carli and Ally. They are in the nursery at church together. They got so excited when they saw each other at the Trunk of Treat.

Jonathan's cousin Daniel has two little girls that are in our ward at church. Ally has gotten to really like them. They met up at the trunk of treat.

How cute is she??

Love it- I think this is the best one so far- I'm getting better at making things and being crafty.

She did so good, saying "Happy Halloween, Trick or treat" and even said thank you. The first car she went to was her Nursery leader and she showed off her costume.

The trick of trunk is a community event- they shut down main street and the grocery store has a big thing in their parking lot too. There were a ton of people and Ally got a little nervous with it being dark and crowd. We heard about a carnival at the highschool, but we missed it. We will figure everything out better for next year, now that we know how things work here.

Carving the Pumpkin

So last year, we went to the pumpkin patch and Alyson picked out a little tiny pumpkin and we drew a face on it. This year, we thought she was ready to carve a pumpkin. We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch, we couldn't coordinate everything to work out, but we daddy still helped Ally with her pumpkin.

Talking about the kind of face they wanted on the pumpkin

Ally and her pumpkin- getting ready to carve.

Daddy handled the knife

And Ally got the "guts"

Sitting proud outside the house with her pumpkin. Our pumpkin didn't have any teeth, and with the dentist office below, we showed Dr. Tenny and had a sign on the pumpkin that said "Dr. Tenny have you seen my teeth?" We thought it quite amusing.

Halloween Fun

We were excited for Halloween this year. We did tons of fun things to celebrate. The local grocery store had a trick or treating event inside the store. They also had a decorate your own Halloween Cake. You could wear your costumes, but I didn't want Ally to get her costume all dirty, so we wore Halloween/ fall colors instead. She's wearing a necklace I got for my birthday that is a fall leaf and her Halloween bow that she got from grandma ( Jonathan's mom)

She was excited for the party.

Sorry the pictures are all weird, the computer was being stupid. Anyway, here she is decorating the cake. She only wanted to use the mini m&ms- m&ms are her favorite candy. I had to keep reminding her to put them on the cake and not in her mouth.

Trick or treating in the store. It was a lot of fun.